1. Why start an FCA chapter in Toronto?

There has not been a chapter here since the early 1960’s and none currently exist east of Alberta. Yet there are over 220 FCA members living in Ontario. We want to be able to continue the FCA’s mission here in the Toronto area:

  • to offer exhibition, professional development, and networking opportunities in the visual arts;
  • to support and promote professional FCA member artists; and
  • to advance the knowledge and appreciation of art and culture.

2. How many members do you have now?

As of September 1, 2021, we have 85 members based primarily in Ontario.

3. Who is eligible to join FCA Toronto?

To be eligible to join FCA Toronto, you need to meet four conditions:

  1. Be a visual artist working in the following media that are approved for FCA exhibitions: acrylic, graphite, ink, mixed media, oil, pastel, pen, pencil, water media, and hand-pulled prints in runs of up to 200. Sculptures in stone, metal, glass, clay, wood, or ceramics are also now accepted.We do not accept as members artists who work in the following media that are excluded from FCA exhibitions: photography, digital photography, digital prints, digital art, posters, pyrography, giclee, mechanical reproductions, and works that rely heavily on mechanical reproductions.
  2. Be a current member of the national Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA) as an Active or Signature status member. (Visit the national FCA Website to learn more).
  3. Be willing to comply with the bylaws and policies of FCA Toronto and the national FCA, and
  4. Pay the prescribed chapter fees for the current year, set for $35.00 CDN, ending April 30, 2022.

4. Can I join FCA Toronto even though I don’t live in Toronto?

Absolutely.  Artists living outside of Toronto are welcome to join and participate in the Chapter’s activities so long as they meet the criteria above.  We have members as far west as Victoria BC and as far east as St. Andrews on the Sea, New Brunswick.

5. What is the fee for joining FCA Toronto?

The membership fee for the 2021 – 2022 year ending April 30, 2022 is $35.00 CDN.

Most FCA chapters charge between $25/year and $50/year to cover operational costs. This fee is separate and in addition to the annual membership fee charged by the national office in Vancouver. (2020 FCA fees: $65 Supporting members, $95 Active and Signature members).

6. What is the procedure for joining?

  1. The starting point is the Federation of Canadian artists website: www.artists.ca.  Read about the organization, its mission, its benefits for members, and membership levels.  Apply there to become an FCA member first as a supporting member and then as an Active status member (there is no waiting period).  Applications are welcome throughout the year.
  2. Fill out the online application form, providing us with your contact information, current status with the Federation of Canadian Artists, proof of FCA membership, and other basic details related to your art practice.
  3. The FCA Toronto executive will review your information and confirm your status with the FCA. We will notify you of the results by email.
  4.  If you are accepted for membership, FCA Toronto will send you instructions for paying the membership fee.
  5. Once payment has been confirmed, we will send you further instructions for getting started (i.e., setting up a profile on our website).

7. If I join the national FCA, do I automatically belong to FCA Toronto?

No, once you join the national FCA, you will need to apply separately to join our chapter.

8. Can I still exhibit with Federation Gallery in Vancouver?

Absolutely. FCA Toronto will just offer you another option to exhibit your work in a sanctioned FCA Exhibition closer to home. Reach a new art market and save on courier fees at the same time!

9. Can I exhibit with FCA Toronto if I’m just a supporting national FCA member at the moment?

No. For our exhibitions to qualify with the FCA and operate under the FCA banner, they must only be open to Active and Signature Status members (with the AFCA or SFCA designations).  There may be exceptions such as an open national exhibition hosted by FCA Toronto, but these will be rare.

10. Where do you meet?

Given the current pandemic crisis, we are only meeting online via Zoom. Once the pandemic passes, we will be hosting events in the GTA and possibly in different arts centres throughout Ontario (Hamilton, Stratford, London, Orillia, Bayfield, etc.).  We are currently exhibiting at the Art of Emotions Gallery in Toronto.

11. When is the next exhibition?

Our current exhibition is 2021 Show-Up Show hosted at the Art of Emotions Gallery in Toronto, September 16 to September 30, 2021.

Our previous online-only exhibitions can be found on our website here.

We are currently planning three exhibitions for the 2022 year to take place in the late spring, mid-summer and fall.

12.  When is the next professional development event?

Every two weeks, members meet on Zoom for an hour-long chat about the art business. Normally that’s every other Tuesday evening. We invite special guests, including established artists, art collectors, gallery owners, and specialists in areas like social media and copyright law, to share their experiences and expertise.

In March 2021, we launched online art critiques via Zoom. They take place alternate Tuesday mornings at 11 am EST.

Eventually, we will be introducing a foundations programme for the professional development of artists.

13. When are your general meetings?

Our second annual general meeting will be held in May of 2022. FCA Toronto members in good standing will be sent an invitation.

14. How can I become involved?

After you join FCA Toronto, please reach out to us at toronto@artists.ca. We’ll tell you the areas where we urgently need assistance. We’re now in our second full year of operations and there’s so much to do. Help us build the foundation of what will someday be amazing and consequential.